Physiotherapy Services

In order to favour the recovery or treatment of pathologies before, during and after the competition, the organisation would like to provide you with the following information. On the one hand, we have collected a series of professionals who could come to home treatment (arranging directly with them the time and hotel or address of the service), as a series of reference clinics in each city to which athletes can go.



Clinicas ON - Santiago Chain (collegiate number 2230): +34 680347563

Clinicas ON - Xoan Velazquez (collegiate number 2577): +34 618947854         

Studio Pilates Fisioterapia: +34 986 869085 (* Home physiotherapy service)

Fisionova Pontevedra: +34 886208765 / +34 698185332 (* Home physiotherapy service) /



Alicia Pérez (collegiate number 952): +34 698129762

Pablo Lourido (collegiate number 2540): +34 687002426

Saúdesport: +34 662541924 (* Home physiotherapy service)

Saúde Fisioterapia - Alba Gallego Salinas (collegiate number 2320): +34 604030071

Fix63 - Alvaro Muzas Fernandez (collegiate number 3226): +34 661437104

Fix63 - Eva Cid Guede (collegiate number 3101): +34 661437104


* Home physiotherapy service.

Price: 50€ for 50 to 60 minutes of service.

Travel: free of charge in the same city. For Sanxenxo agree price with the professional.

Service on demand. You need to contact directly with the professional, schedule an appointment with him/her and make the payment and invoicing directly to the professional.


Below, we also leave you the following links where the clinics and physiotherapy centres of the mentioned cities are detailed, for any other need: (the cost will be the one corresponding to the tariff of each centre).