Getting Around

For the inhabitants of Pontevedra, living in a car-free city is a reality. More than 70% de urban journeys are made on foot or by bicycle and only three out of ten people who move around the city do so by car. Pontevedra is a city to walk around, to explore all its corners and get lost in the midst of its streets and squares. Park the car and walk!

On Foot with Metrominuto
Pontevedra is the ideal city for walking, not only because of its size, but also because its urban model is designed by and for pedestrians, so attentive to non-motorised mobility that it has freed its main streets from traffic. In addition, the main urban itineraries are completely pedestrian, and most of them, with wide sidewalks. Enjoy the walking city on foot and use your own energy to move around it from one place to another. In Pontevedra they have designed this scheme taking the well-known aesthetics of this transport to make the Metrominuto, or what amounts to a map with the pedestrian distances and the time it takes to travel them. Download here the Apps for iPhone and Android.

The city of Pontevedra has several taxi ranks in its main streets for those who decide to use this method of transport to move around the city and its surroundings. In addition, it has two taxi services you can call to pick you up wherever you are: RadioTaxi, which you can access by calling 986 86 85 85, or Teletaxi Pontevedra, whose number is 986 10 10 10.

All taxis in the city are officially identified, with authorisation from the City Council, and there is no other private transport service (VTC) in Pontevedra as the priority is still to travel on foot.

The design of Pontevedra’s urban bus is adjusted to the characteristics of the city model and, in this respect, one of the criteria applied is to keep the bus traffic out of the central core of Pontevedra, creating a perimeter from which any point in the centre can be reached without buses crossing the main streets and endangering pedestrian traffic. See here maps and rates.