Paratriathlon Mixed Relay Open Race

PARA MR Swim Bike Run
Distances 125M x 4 3,5K (Non Drafting Race) x 4 780M x 3 + 910M x 1
Laps 1 1 (+/- 45 mts elevation) 1 (+/- 12 mts elevation)



Run 1st. 2nd. 3rd. Relay: 780 mts. Run 4th. Relay: 910 mts.



The race starts with a 125 metres swim around the Puente de los Tirantes, from where they will go directly to the transition area to start the bike.
They head through the Pazo de la Cultura to the Avenida de Compostela, arriving at the end of the campus. They return to the transition after 1 lap for 3,5 kilometres. The course is not very technical, mostly flat with a small climb of medium-low difficulty and a descent.
The run goes by the avenue of Buenos Aries, area of the old Tafisa, to enter the CGTD after running (780 metres the first 3 relays) 910 metres the fourth relay. Completely flat course.