Paratriathlon Sprint

PARA Swim Bike Run
Distances 750M 19,6K (Non Drafting Race) 5K
Laps 1 4 (+/- 70 mts elevation per lap) 3 (+/- 18 mts elevation per lap)




The race starts with a 750 metres swim between the Ponte de los Tirantes and the pedestrian walkway, from where they will go directly to the transition area to start the bike.
They head through the Pazo de la Cultura to the Avenida de Compostela, arriving at the Lérez roundabout and return to the transition after 4 laps for almost 20 kilometres. The course is not very technical, mostly flat with a medium-low difficulty climb and a downhill section.
The race goes through Tafisa, Buenos Aires to Cobián Roffignac, Cruz Roja and CGTD. The three laps are necessary to reach the 5 kilometres course. Completely flat and not very technical course.