Standard Aquabike Age-Groups

Age Groups Swim Bike
Distances 1,5K 39,5K (Draft-illegal race)
Laps 1 2 (+/- 327 mts elevation per lap)




The race starts with a 1.500 metres lap swim at the foot of the Puente de los Tirantes, until approximately halfway around the island. They will exit the river at the transition area, at the CGTD Stadium to start the bike.
They head through the Pazo de la Cultura to the Avenida de Compostela, arriving on the N550 until more or less the limit with the municipality of Barro. They return to the transition after 2 laps to make 39,5 kilometres. The route is not very technical, practically a third of each lap is a medium-hard uphill and the other third is a fast downhill.
They now just run the few metres between the transition and the finish line.