Good Loop

In a historic year for triathlon in Spain, where the three great events of world triathlon will be held, the 2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Ibiza, the 2023 Europe Triathlon Championships Madrid and the 2023 World Triathlon Championship Finals Pontevedra, Good Loop is born, the new FETRI movement for the sake of sustainability, undoubtedly one of the most important pillars and features that the Spanish Triathlon Federation wants to bet on.

Good Loop will have as its main objective to communicate the sustainable actions carried out in each event and establishes itself as an inspirational movement in the world of sport.

It will also be a movement that shows the possibility of committing as a brand, company, individual or collective to a series of actions oriented towards sustainability and circularity in the development of products, events and activities, thus entering into a positive loop for people and the planet.

A federation, such as the Spanish Triathlon Federation, has to be, because it is part of our sport, very committed to the environment, sustainability and recycling," said José Hidalgo, president of FETRI. In addition, Hidalgo stressed: "We are also a sport that has always distinguished itself for having a high sensitivity and for understanding triathlon from a concept related to transversality and education in values. For that, there is nothing better than being exemplary. That's why we started this Good Loop movement, we want to be innovative and distinguish ourselves as a sport always attached to innovation and the social realities of everyday life".

Good Loop is therefore a new strategic axis of FETRI, for its international competitions and events. Already the last 2023 Multisport World Championships Ibiza, with the ambitious challenge of becoming one of the most sustainable triathlon events to date, obtained the World Triathlon gold certificate and was the first event in Europe to be certified as zero waste.

To achieve these objectives, the organisation of the 2023 World Triathlon Championship Finals Pontevedra will undertake this exhaustive action plan starting with the sporting area, continuing with the analysis of the impact of the carbon footprint, the Staff and volunteers and finishing with the partners and the area affected by the championship expo.