Doping Control

As a World Triathlon Age-Group athlete going to a World Championships, you are subject to Doping Control.

If you get selected for Doping Control someone will approach you and notify that you have been selected for Doping Control. This could be done even before your race. For example, after you pick up your registration package or check in your bicycle into transition area. The Doping Control Officer and/or Chaperone will explain the procedure to you but you should be aware that you have certain rights and responsibilities.

You have the right to:

  • Nominate a representative of your choice to accompany you to Doping Control.
  • Arrange an interpreter (if required).
  • Request additional information about the Doping Control Procedure.
  • Request a delay in reporting to the Doping Control Station for valid reasons. (These reasons may be to receive necessary medical attention, locate a representative or fulfil a media commitment but you must have the consent of, and be in full view of, the Doping Control Officer or Chaperone).
  • Request necessary modifications if you have a disability.
  • Note any concerns with the Doping Control Process on the Doping Control Form.
  • In case of a positive finding in your Sample A, you have the right to request part ‘B’ of your sample be analysed to confirm a positive result and a fair hearing in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code.
  • Your responsibilities include:
  • Be aware of, and comply with, the World Anti-Doping Code and the World Triathlon Anti-Doping Rules.
  • Be aware of which substances are not allowed as they are on the Prohibited List.
  • Comply with requirements for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE). A TUE allows you to take a substance on the Prohibited List, if that is the only option available to you and you meet specific requirements. There are strict rules governing TUEs so it is best to check those out before the event. As an Age-Group athlete you may apply for a retroactive TUE but it is not guaranteed so you may want to request one no later than 30 days prior to racing. You can find here the TUE Form. If you want to apply for a TUE, please filed the form and send it to
  • After being notified for a doping test, to report to the Doping Control Station immediately or within the required time specified by the Doping Control Officer or the Chaperone.
  • Control your sample until it is sealed in the sample collection kit.
  • Ensure the sealed sample collection kit is secure and identified; and
  • Ensure all appropriate documentation is accurate.

You must have photo identification to take with you to the Doping Control Station. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have access to your National Federation manager’s phone number so that you can let them know that you have been selected for Doping Control.

If you have any questions about anti-doping, you should visit our booth at the expo where there are volunteers who can answer any of your questions. You can also check out the Age-Group Anti-Doping section on You can also ask any questions at